Post-Op Instructions
Explanation of Symptoms

1. Stiffness of the jaws is nature’s way of resting the part which needs to be repaired, and usually relaxes about the 4th or 6th day.

2. Black and blue marks on the face are caused by bleeding internally into the cheeks or chin. This appears first as swelling, but after the 2nd or 3rd day, it may discolor the face yellow, black, or blue. It will gradually disappear in a week or ten days. A hot wet towel may be applied for ten minutes, three times a day. This will be comforting, but will not speed up the fading process.

3. Prolonged numbness of the lower lip or tongue may occur. After certain procedures, such as removal of the lower wisdom teeth, removal of cysts of the jaw, etc., the nerve in the lower jaw becomes unavoidably bruised. There is no cause for alarm. It may take several weeks to several months for feeling to return to the lip. It is rarely permanent.

4. If intravenous medications were administered, slight redness or tenderness may occur in the region of the vein. Apply hot moist towel and call the office the next day.

5. After sedation, drowsiness may persist up to 24 to 36 hours. Do not drive a car or remain without supervision during this time period. You should stay at home and rest.