Surgical Instructions
Pre-Operative Instructions

 1. Do not eat or drink anything (including water) for 6 hours before your surgery appointment. If you were given medication to take before surgery, take it as directed with a small sip of water.

 2. You are to be accompanied by a responsible adult who will be expected to remain in the waiting area until you are ready to leave the office. This person will drive you home and help care for you.

 3. No children, please.

 4. Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing with short sleeves. Leave all jewelry, watches, etc., at home or give them to the person who is with you.

 5. No smoking after midnight.

 6. Importance of cleanliness:

     A. Bathe prior to surgery with particular attention to head, face and neck areas.

     B. Brush your teeth well before surgery

     C. Be clean-shaven; otherwise, cleanse beard or mustache if you have one.

 7. No contact lenses.

 8. Call the office if you have any symptoms of a cold or respiratory infection.